Foundation Blender

Rs.578 Rs.1,445 (60% OFF)
Color: pink

The Foundation Blender Is A Revolutionary Makeup 
Applicator With 360 Degrees Of Usable Surface For Creating Absolute Blending Perfection.


How to Use:

Wet Foundation Blender with water. 
Squeeze out the excess water. 
Bounce primer, foundation, powder, cream blush, or any other complexion product across the face for flawless 
results. PRO-TIP from our Makeup Designer: 
“Using Foundation Blender rather than your fingers not only gives you a perfect finish, but it is also more hygienic,” “This is especially important if you’re concealing a blemish as your fingers have natural oils and bacteria, which can aggravate breakouts resulting into scared and itchy skin”By bba suleman


Non-latex foam

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